Kumu Pono Associates LLC

Kumu Pono Associates LLC is a husband-wife team, made up by Kepa Maly and Onaona Pomroy-Maly. Formally organized in 1995, Kepa and Onaona worked out of their Hawaiian Homestead residence in Hilo, on projects across the state. In 2006 they were asked to take on a project on Lana’i, where Kepa was raised, and began working on a program that became the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center. The Lanai work led to the development of the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center (Lanai CHC), a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to perpetuating knowledge of Lanai and promoting awareness of the island's unique resources.

At the present time Kumu Pono Associates LLC is entirely focused on the Lanai legacy programs of the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center and Pulama Lanai. We are currently not taking on any new clients or research requests.

Concert to Save Kahaualea, Hawaii Island

Kepa Maly, Katherine Kekoolani Dambley & Joni Mae Makuakane with Jerry Santos, Haunani Apoliona and Wally Suenaga, mele Kahauale'a written by Kepā. Fundraising concert in ca. 1982 to save Kahauale'a in the district of Puna, Hawai'i. Filmed by Na Maka o ka Aina (mahalo Puhipau & Joan Lander for sharing this video with us) at the Hilo Naniloa (Crown Room) with Marsha Erickson.

PBS Hawaii - Long Story Short - Kepa Maly: A Sense of Connection

Sharing interview of Part 1 with Leslie Wilcox and Kepa Maly.

PBS Hawaii - Long Story Short - Kepa Maly: Lanai and the Spirit of Place - Part 2

Leslie Wilcox continues her conversation with Kepa Maly, executive director of Lanai Culture and Heritage Center. Throughout his years as an ethnographer, Kepa gathered stories from kupuna. Here, he passes on local legends and stories behind place names that capture the essence of Lanai. 


Hawaiian Monk Seal at Kaena

Ola ka aina, ola ke kanaka! (Healthy land, healthy people!)

(Viewers please note, that while modern practice in writing Hawaiian words includes the use of diacritical marks to indicate proper pronunciation of selected words, those marks are not used on this site due to incompatibilities with various search engines.) 

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