Kumu Pono Associates LLC

Cultural-Ethnographic Studies

We conduct research in both Hawaiian and English language resources. Our work has been conducted in local,  national, private and family collections to help better document the history of Hawai'i. A part of the research also includes conducting oral history interviews with elder kama'āina and others who possess first-hand knowledge of history, place, practices and beliefs. We have prepared hundreds of reports as a result of the research.  


Our work has been recognized by community and public organizations, and has been the recipient of several awards over the years. 

Digital Records

Kumu Pono Associates LLC has digitized many Hawaiian documents dating from 1820 to the 1920s. Selected digital records, including the Māhele ‘Āina, Royal Patent Grants, Boundary Commission proceedings and the American Board of Christian Foreign Missions (totaling more than 200,000 documents) have been collected. Contact us for information regarding availability.

Interpretive Presentations